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Sensational Hot Pot Recipes: A Fantastic Cookbook of Tasty Asian Dish Ideas!

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Do you love meals that you can eat communally, so that you can visit with friends and family while you’re dining? You probably think you need to scour the internet to find authentic hot pot recipes. But you don’t! This cookbook offers all kinds of hot pot ideas.

Hot pot dishes originated in China, but you can find them in many countries now. The ingredients are often prepared with the use of boiling broth, in a hot pot right at the table. The pot is always kept simmering, so ingredients can be dipped into the pot to cook. Some hot pot meals are served in dishes at the table, with broth being ladled over noodles.

Would you like to learn to integrate hot pot dishes into your recipes at home?
If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Most hot pot recipes have thinly sliced meats or tofu, along with vegetables, seafood, mushrooms, dumplings and more. If you want to try as many types of broth as you can, you can use a split hot pot. That gives you a good sense of what you enjoy and what you don’t.

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