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Universal Brush for Mixing Bowls Like Thermomix Blau - Blue

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Blau - Blue
  • Manufacturer:
    Bürstenfabrik - MADE IN GERMANY
Product Features
  • Ideal for cleaning mixing bowls, bottles, Thermos flasks, cups, pots, pans etc.
  • Universal brush for mixing bowls – Made in Germany
  • Made from high quality plastic and nylon bristles.
  • Also for cleaning a Thermomix bowl:
  • (the name Thermomix is legally protected and is only used here because it is part of this item and signifies its quality)
Product Description
Price per piece including VAT
You will receive one universal brush for mix pots
Available in the following colours - please choose your desired colour when ordering whether green, orange, pink, blue, yellow
Made by high quality material: plastic + nylon bristles
Total length: 26 cm
Handle diameter: 2.1 cm
Length of the individual bristles in white = 2 cm
Length of the individual bristles comes in a multi-coloured colour = 2.6 CM
Head: diameter: 7 cm
Length bristle trim = 7.5 cm
The colour of the longer bristles are suitable for the handle colour. The advantage of this long bristles to product sharp images, even hard to reach places is areas can easy to take with you wherever you're going, press down the handle
Ideal for cleaning mix pots, bottles, flasks, cups, pots, pans etc.
Can also be used to clean the thermal mix: The name Mix is legally protected and is only used here because it is part of this item, shows its quality as well as description of the product)
Features It has a handy hole on the handle to store the brush hanging
With textured handles for a Rutschfesteren grip
Made in Germany
Superb quality & craftmanship.
Condition: 100% Brand New in Retail Packaging.

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