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Silit Pot Set 4-Piece Modesto Black Pouring Rim Made in Germany Glass Lid Silargan® Functional Ceramic Suitable for Induction Hobs Dishwasher-Safe

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    WMF Group GmbH
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Product Features
  • Material: Silargan® - dishwasher safe functional ceramics. Easy to clean non-porous closed surface, oven safe, cut and scratch resistant and tasteless. Nickel-free inner and outer ceramic Silargan® surface.
  • Wide pouring edge for drip-free pouring.
  • Content: 3x Meat pot with lid 16 cm (approx. 2l), 20 cm (approx. 3.7l), 24 cm (approx. 6.4l), 1x pan without lid 16 cm (approx. 1.3l) | Item number: 2109294672
  • Silargan® pots are suitable for all stove types, including induction. Bottom with pulled through steel core and fast heat conduction and perfect heat storage for energy-efficient cooking.
  • Made in Germany - Premium quality, produced in-house in Germany. 30-Year warranty for the inner and outer ceramic Silargan® surface with intended use. Clear harmonic shape.

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