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KitchenCraft Flat Round Induction-Safe Cast Iron Griddle Pan, 24 cm (9.5")

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Product Features
  • Made of heavy-duty cast iron. It retains heat like a portable furnace, creating sizzlingly delicious char lines on meat and veg
  • It works on any hob, (including induction), under the grill or in the oven. Best of all, it gets more 'non-stick' the more you use it!
  • This cast iron grill pan is a great addition to any kitchen, enabling you to cook healthy meat and vegetable meals with no added oil
  • This grill pan measures 24 cm (9½") in diameter, and comes with a 15 year guarantee
  • Fall in love with your favourites again by char-grilling on the hob. Or lay it on the BBQ for a yummy summer grill-up
Product Description
The Kitchen Craft Clearview cast iron round grill pan is an essential item in healthy, diet conscious cooking. The pan is a dry fry pan, thereby requiring no oils or fat whilst cooking. Cast iron is a heavy duty, highly durable material which allows for even heat distribution. The pan is also coated so that it builds its own non-stick surface with use. Suitable for use on all types of hobs including induction.

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