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Savisto Premium Cast Iron Reversible Griddle Pan with Non-Stick Coating for Gas, Induction & Electric Hobs

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Product Features
  • Dimensions: 500mm x 230mm x 15mm ¦ Weight: 3.5kg ¦ Not recommended for dishwasher use.
  • The cast iron build has been treated with a non-stick coating and comes pre-seasoned; letting you grill your food without worrying about it getting stuck to the plate. When your done cooking, the clean-up couldn't be easier; simply hand wash and towel dry.
  • Built to be reversible allowing you more choices when cooking. One side of the plate features a ridged design ideal for cooking meat and fish to give them a perfectly chargrill seared texture. You'll find the other side is flat, for use as a hotplate which can be used to cook foods such as tomato, eggs and mushrooms.
  • Designed with healthy eating in mind, the plate uses channels and a drip tray to drain fats and oils away from your food. The end result is healthier and fat free food.
  • Features two integrated handles for safe and easy lifting; whether you're using it in the kitchen or outside on the barbeque, you'll find the design does nothing but benefit your food with its heat distribution & diversion of fats and oils.
Product Description

Savisto Non-Stick Cast Iron Reversible Griddle Plate

If you're tired of having multiple pots and pans to clean after cooking then you may want to consider a premium cast iron reversible griddle plate from Savisto; proud suppliers of the best kitchen appliances, accessories, gadgets and utensils. With a Savisto griddle plate, you can cook your entire meal with only a single, easy-to-clean plate.

Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, this cast iron griddle plate is ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner; cook your bacon, eggs and tomatoes, your steak, mushrooms and peppers or your sausages and onions all on one fantastic utensil at the same time. It really is the perfect piece of equipment for any aspiring cook or professional chef.

One Side Griddles, One Side Flat

This nonstick griddle pan is double sided so you can easily flip it over depending on which side you need to use. One side is completely flat with a lowered reservoir for oil and fat to drain into; the other side is griddled, allowing for perfect char grilled food and a healthy way to cook steak and other meats.

The griddle pan features two handles at either end for ease of use and is made from extremely durable cast iron allowing it to be used on a stove with any type of gas, induction or electric hob and even an outdoor BBQ.

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