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The Best Handcrafted Premium Cast Iron Cleaner by Kitchen Express - Xl 7 by 7 Inch Food Grade Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber with Drying Hook

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Product Features
  • ✓ FREE GIFT - We have added Bunch of handy stuff that will help you in the kitchen. includes 1 x Pan Scrapper and 1 x Drying Hook.
  • ✮✮✮ 100% RISK FREE-Kitchen Express stands behind everything it creates with pride and we are absolutely confident that you will love using our chainmail scrubber. But, if, for any reason, that doesn't happen we will refund all your money. No questions asked. No hard feelings!
  • ✓ HANDCRAFTED RINGS - Made from the Highest grade 316 Stainless Steel - The Highest Food Grade Steel in the Industry for Commercial and Residential Use. Dishwasher Safe Premium Grade Stainless Steel for easy cleaning of any cast iron cookware item like a baking sheet, tea pot, cookie sheet, cauldron, tortilla press, hibachi, cornbread, pie pan and more!
  • ✓ LIGHT WEIGHT- convenient for home, camping or travel. Never have grit lodge into your cast iron skillet set ever again! It also works well with cast iron conditioner for restoration And It Will Not Scratch Your Pan
  • ✓ THE WORLDS NO.1 - Selling Scrubber for Cast Iron Cookware, Casseroles, Stainless Steel Cookware And Woks
Product Description

Your Kitchen Companion

We have meticulously handcrafted each 316 stainless steel ring to form the Kitchen Express cast iron cleaner. its premium quality 7x7 inch cookware chainmail scrubber with extra large ring to hang dry easily. We used highest quality food grade steel for durability and it last for ages.

Rust free and Dishwasher safe
Kitchen Express cast iron cleaner not only cleans your cast iron cookware but it also good for cleaning your glassware etc.

Best Way to Use It
Run the warm water into the pan
Scrub cooked on residue with chainmail
Rinse on when scrubbing is complete and dry the pan
Re-season pan once weekly with cooking oil for long lasting shine
submerge chainmail in hot soapy water for 40-50 seconds rinse it and hand dry

Product Specification
Material: Stainless Steel 316
Wire Diameter: 1.2 mm
Small Ring: 10 mm
Please note we are using high resolution images and the original product size ratio may vary.

Perfect for a Gift to Loved Ones
No matter what the occasion is Kitchen Express Chainmail Cleaner is PERFECT GIFT for your loved ones. It makes their life easier in the kitchen.

Name You Can Truest with Money Back Guarantee
Our customers satisfaction is our primary goal. If for any reason our product is not meeting your expectations just let us know.

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Box Contents

• 1 x 7x7 inch premium quality chainmail • 1 x hanging hook

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