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Product Details
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Product Features
  • ☞ At the same time equipped with a folding windshield, the angle can be adjusted, but also according to different foods can be adjusted by different firepower, in line with the design of the product itself; the separation of fuel and furnace core, to avoid a lot of security risks / Hot bakelite switch is not hot
  • ☞ Complete set of products, at the same time presented windshield / Flintstone / funnel / box; full application, you can choose different according to your needs
  • ☞ Use in restaurants, balconies, gardens, travel, seaside, outdoor camping, etc. Enjoy outdoor dining with family and friends.
  • ☞ This alcohol stove set saves 70% of fuel compared to the traditional, mainly highlights 3 advantages, low combustion cost/burning, high pressure, large firepower/high safety factor (separate layout of fuel and core), 1 bottle 500ml of alcohol can burn for a full day
  • ☞ size is 33*8*28cm size, stylish streamline appearance, can put a diameter of 28cm pot, small and lightweight, easy to carry; advanced stainless steel + brass material, with superior corrosion resistance, rub The pad is designed to protect the countertop
Product Description

This compact alcohol stove achieves integrated performance and meets many people's field cooking

Its average boiling point is generally 7-12 minutes.

Very light weight of only 0.7KG

Alcohol cooks clean and environmentally friendly, and will not be blackened

Outdoor windproof windshield, safe and windproof, easy to cook food, equipped with portable mesh bag for better storage

Finely sealed steel balls do not flow out of the alcohol stove

Safe use method:

1. Close the adjustment switch

2. Install the alcohol tank

3. Open the bottle cap and add alcohol

4. Turn on the switch

5. Light the alcohol with the ignitor

6. Rotate the switch before turning off the flame to increase the firepower


Do not store near long-term heat sources; do not force it to close

Product Package:

Alcohol stove

Alcohol can




Packing box

Very suitable for family, friends, travel essentials, as a gift to friends, family / if you are unhappy, you can contact us at any time,

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