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Vindar 10 Piece Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons Set with Non-slip Silicone Handles, Food Grade Cookware Tools Gadgets to Measure Dry and Liquid Ingredients, for Kitchen, Cooking, Baking

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Product Details
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    5*spoons + 5*cups
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Product Features
  • 5 Different SPOON SIZES - Help to control the amount of your spices, make the food no more too salty or too weak. Size including 1/4TSP(1.25ml), 1/2TSP(2.5ml), 1TSP(5ml), 1/2TBSP(7.5ml), 1TBSP(15ml).The narrow shape of spoons makes it easy to reach small open spice jars.
  • 5 Different CUP SIZES - Get the right amount of ingredient for your recipes, size including 1/8 cup(30ml), 1/4 cup(60ml), 1/3cup(80ml), 1/2cup(125ml), and 1cup(250ml). The sizes were all remark clear on the handles.
  • Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we promise 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product. All we want to offer is high quality, reasonable price, and useful kitchen tools.
  • FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL - The 10pcs measuring cup and spoons set is made of high quality sturdy stainless steel material. No food poisoning, no toxic elements, no rusting. All are smooth polished, smooth edge, matte texture, and delicate touch.
  • NON-SLIP SILICON HANDLES - The handle is easy to grasp, non-slip even if use with sweating hands. Heat resistant, protect hands when doing high temperature cooking.
Product Description
Are you feed up can't control the right amount of seasoning during cooking which make your food too salty or too light.
Are you feed up baking failed because of wrong amount of material amount of ingredient.
Our Vidar Measuring cups and spoons set will help you.

Why choose our Vindar?
1. No sharp edges, won't hurt your hand during cooking and washing.
2. Accurate measurements make sure your food taste delicious, no more no more too salty or too weak.
3. Size remark and different colors design on the handles, make you easy to recognize the size and quick select.
4. Food grade stainless steel material, health for cooking, no rusting, easy to wash and store.
5. Five sizes in all, 1 set meet your entire requirement.

Measuring Cups: 1/8 cup(30ml), 1/4 cup(60ml), 1/3cup(80ml), 1/2cup(125ml), and 1cup(250ml)
Measuring Spoons: 1/4TSP(1.25ml), 1/2TSP(2.5ml), 1TSP(5ml), 1/2TBSP(7.5ml), 1TBSP(15ml)
Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel & Silicone Handle
Color: Silver Cups & Spoons and Orange/Purple/Blue/Pink/Green Handle
Gross Weight: 390g / 450g include package
Package Size: 18cm(L)*8.5cm(W)*9cm(H)

1. Please wash them in time after use. Dry them with soft cloth.
2. The silicone handle is supposed to avoid hot water and steaming.

Package Including
5*Measuring Cups
5*Measuring Spoons
2*Removable Ring

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