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MyLifeUNIT Japanese Aluminum Non-Stick Donburi Pan 17 cm

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Nonstick coating offers easy release performance and effortless cleanup
  • The wood handle is designed to stay cool on the stovetop
  • Measures 17 cm diameter and 20.5 cm height
  • Aluminum construction ensures even and fast heating than cast iron and stainless steel donburi pans, stainless steel compostite bottom ensures cooking on a gas stove or induction hob
  • Traditional Japanese Donburi Pan
Product Description
Donburi is a popular Japanese dish consisting of a big bowl of rice topped with simmered, broth-infused ingredients. Two of the most common donburi variations are oyakodon with a topping of egg, onions and chicken simmered in broth and katsu don, with a topping of breaded pork cutlet simmered in egg, onions and broth. Other variations include gyudon which uses thinly sliced beef in a soy sauce based broth and tendon, which uses shrimp and vegetable tempura simmered in broth. One thing that all of these donburi variations have in common is that to make them well, appropriate cooking tools should be used. A traditional Japanese donburi pan is the perfect size and shape for making a great donburi. The height of the pan allows for cooking the appropriate amount of ingredients and broth, while the 17 cm width is the perfect size to top off a hefty donburi bowl filled with steamed rice. The curved edges of the pan and the perpendicular handle make transferring the cooked ingredients to the bowl easy.

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