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5LB Traditional XL Farmhouse Loaf Tin, GlideX Non Stick, Hand Made, British Made by Lets Cook Cookware

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Dark Grey
  • Manufacturer:
    Lets Cook Cookware
Product Features
  • Heavy Duty GlideX Non Stick, Coppered Reinforced Frame, Dishwasher, Fridge and Freezer Safe
  • Professional Grade British GlideX Non-Stick, Oven safe to 230c, British Steel, Britain's Best Non Stick Coating
  • Hand Made 5LB Traditional Farmhouse Loaf Tin, British Made, Extra Large
  • Suitable for Daily Use, Makes a proper shaped traditional loaf.
  • Style: Artisan Farmhouse - Tradition, Size - 11.75 inch x 6.25 Inches x 4.5 Inches Tall
Product Description
This Traditional Farmhouse Loaf Tin at 5LB capacity, is made from Thick Gauge Bakers' British Steel with GlideX Non-Stick Heavy Duty Coil Coat Non- Stick Surface and is capable of 230C! The surface feels silky loaves just drop out, it is suitable for Frequent Daily Use. The design is the Artisan Farmhouse Tradition first created in the 50's in fact we use the tools from the 50's but now have added Britain's best non-stick coating this is applied to the (British) Steel via a curing process which bonds the GildeX into and onto the steel substrate, unlike Spray Gun Coatings from the far east which vary in thickness and durability the coating is applied to the steel before the tin is made therefore ensuring the high quality and consistent performance, these tins are designed for quality and endurance. A Mass Produced loaf tin takes around 2 minutes to make with a press 1 minute or less to spray coat, These Hand Made Traditional tins take 18 Minutes each in total by a skilled Tinsmith and assistant. The true corners are great for loaf recipes where square shaped slices are required. The capacity is actually over 5LB left a little extra space that if you get an over bloom you won't end up with 'Rabbit-Ears', down the sides! Traditional 50's Hand Made Artisan creation meets high tech' GlideX Non Stick - all British too. If you regularly make your own bread by hand, (or partially using a machine), you can achieve the Farmhouse shape and a great loaf that is better than you can buy. We hope you will agree. Lets Cook Cookware & GlideX Non Stick are registered trademarks. Size - 11.75 inch x 6.25 Inches x 4.5 Inches Tall

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