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Ballarini New Positano pan, 32 cm, frying pan, aluminium, non-stick coating, suitable induction cookers, made in Italy

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Product Features
  • Base is made of aluminium and steel for short heat up time – suitable for all types of cookers, including induction.
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  • Thick-walled cookware made from pure aluminium with an elegant, black, non-stick coating, PFOA-free, both the inside and outside, also suitable for the dishwasher.
  • An additional stainless steel flame protective insulation, fastened by a stainless steel screw protects the handle against heat.
  • Ergonomic, thermally-insulated plastic handle for optimal control, heat-resistant up to 160 °C.
Product Description
Pack contains:1 Ballarini Positano, Pan, Frying Pan, Roaster, Induction, Black, 32 cm, PS0L0.32 , Cooking is a form of art: The art of selecting food, of arranging it and of combining different flavours. The good cuisine leaves no permanent works of art – a risotto is eaten up in no time, a dinner only lasts for an evening: Each dish is a unique and irreproducible work of art. However, the traditional recipes testify to places, people and products of our earth. Together they constitute the historical legacy of a region. Positano is a product line of pans with a non-stick coating which are especially suited for cooking on induction stoves. However, the pans are also suited for all other kinds of stoves: Gas stoves, electric stoves, ceramic stoves, halogen stoves and radiant stoves A good dish is a special and extraordinary event. All gastronomic events mean that you can participate and share in something. Every artist resorts to his or her repertoire and when the basics involve great skills and the taste is fully developed, a dinner can transform into a fantastic concert where every note has its exact place. Keravis: A robust and wear-resistant triple non-stick layer, strengthened by extremely hard ceramic particles. Suited for kitchen utensils made of metal. Induction base: Base combined of stainless steel for ideal induction performances and forged aluminium for a perfect heat storage and heat conduction at the same time. Checked quality: Ballarini constantly ensures that controls are carried out by important international institutes, such as Neotron (Italy), LGA (Germany) and Danish Institute (Denmark). Thus, the absolute harmlessness for food and the safety of the non-stick layers are guaranteed. Type: Induction pan , Especially suited for induction stoves , Triple non-stick layer KERAVIS , Ergonomic plastic handle, heat-insulating , Aluminium , Dishwasher-proof , Scratch-proof , Base: Induction b

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