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Medieval Frying Pan with Forged Hook Handle Camping Pan Iron LARP Viking Various Sizes, black

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Product Details
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    Battle Merchant
Product Features
  • Size 24 cm Weight: 1.15 kg - Diameter bottom: approx. 17 cm diameter - Top: Approx. 24 cm; Size 28 cm Weight: 1.75 kg in diameter at the base: approx. 21 - diameter at top: approx. 28 cm
  • Frying pan with forged hook handle/Edge Height 3 cm
  • Not suitable for dishwasher
  • Size 32 cm Weight: approximately 2.1kg, Bottom Diameter: Approximately 24 cm, diameter at top: 32 cm; Size 40 cm: Weight: Approx. 3.8 kg - Bottom Diameter: Approximately 32 cm; diameter at top: approx. 40 cm
  • Size 16 cm Weight: 0.6 kg - Diameter: approx. 11 cm, diameter at top approx. 16 cm, size 20 cm Weight: Approx. 0,87kg, Diameter at the base: approx. 14 cm, diameter at top: approx. 20 cm
Product Description
'Cold Hiedete Iron Frying Pan In Which The handle separately Welded. The surface is brushed fabric with a pattern. It is perfect for steaks and roast potatoes. This pan must be treated exactly the same as the hand-forged iron frying pan. The Edge has a height of approx. 3 cm before the first use please read and note: must be removed the corrosion protection. Careful attention to the pan in hot water with detergent soak (e.g. Persil, Ariel). With a washing up brush and clear; hot water the residue of protection removed and the pan dry thoroughly. After that it's the pan Eingebraten. Just add high Erhitzbares fat or oil (e.g. Biskin, Palmin, Mazola) ground well loosens into the pan and raw potato Windows or protective case cover with a tea spoons of salt. Roast you will find everything you need to know about the potatos be thanks to the up to the pan base Dark to begins. The food the various turning, up to it is dark brown. Then the pan empty, rinse and dry thoroughly. The pan is now ready to use. Please do not forget: Replace the pan is made of iron and now without corrosion protection, which means when not in use, then you will be able to each 'wet' cleansing with a little oil and has a kitchen roll easy to gefettet. General for patina of iron pans the Turk forged iron pans are not coated, they are chipping, cracking and, even after many years 'use not your changing surface structure. As a use Improve its excellent frying qualities only, cooking surface is getting dark and smooth and you'll get a patina, which prevents the stick up and rust. Reaches Your Turk and pan then their For Optimum Benefits.

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