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x12 2" Denmark / Danish National Flag Cup Cake Toppers With Mixed Flowers and Butterflies Decorations on Rice paper

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Product Details
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    Fun Photo Cakes
Product Features
  • Dispatched same day or next day.
  • GM Free.
  • Decorated using edible food quality inks.
  • Suitable for egg and nut allergy sufferers.
  • Made from 100% EC approved ingredients.
Product Description
Cupcake toppers made with edible inks and rice paper.
Size: 2 inches (x12).
Easy to use - instructions are sent by email.

1.) Cut out using dry scissors and place on your cupcake. For best results, place the toppers onto fondant or icing.
2.) Ensure your icing is dry then apply a small amount of water onto it with a brush or finger; then fix the toppers down.
3.) Avoid using excessive water else the moisture will shrink or tear the toppers.
4.) Please note: rice paper is slightly transparent. This makes images stand out better on light backgrounds. They stand out best on white backgrounds. On white icing, the colours become more vivid.

Additional Information
1.) Comes in a food grade grip seal bag. Will remain fresh for 12 months when kept in the bag.
2.) Keep the topper in the bag and store in a cool dry place.


No Known Allergens! Kosher! Gluten Free! DAIRY FREE! Vegan! Nut Free! No GM Products! Halal!
Ingredients: Potato Starch, Water, Vegetable Oil.

No Known Allergens! Gluten Free! DAIRY FREE! Vegan! Nut Free! No GM Products! Halal! As with the rice papers, the ink remains edible for 12 months.
Ingredients: Water, Glycerol E422, Tartrazine E102, Preservative (1.2 Propandiol E1520), Citric Acid E330. Brilliant Blue E133, Azorubine E122, Ponceau Red 4R E124, Brilliant Black BN E151, Sunset Yellow E110, Quinoline Yellow E104.

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