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Savisto Premium Non-Stick Griddle Pan For Gas/Induction and Electric Hobs with Detachable Handle, Black, 28 cm

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Product Features
  • Featuring a fully detachable handle to allow for easy storage and cleaning; this also allows the pan to be placed in an oven or under a grill as the pan itself (not the handle) is ovenproof.
  • A double layered, non-stick coating reduces the need for as much (or any!) oil or fat while cooking and makes cleaning up afterwards a hassle free experience. The pan also has a convenient lip on either side, allowing you to easily drain away excess fluids.
  • Improve your collection of pots and pans with this high quality, cast aluminium square griddle pan from Savisto; enjoy perfect chargrilled foods every time without needing to bust out the BBQ or grill.
  • A specialised induction base makes this pan suitable for all types of stovetops including those with a gas, induction or electric hob.
  • Dimensions (with handle): 290mm x 500mm x 40mm. Weight: 1.0kg.
Product Description

Savisto Professional 28cm Cast Aluminium Chargrill Griddle Pan

Savisto are proud to bring you the very best in kitchenware and cookware for use at home or in a commercial catering environment. Fancy a barbecue but it's too cold or wet outside? Want to start eating healthy? Enjoy great tasting grilled recipes every time with this brand new griddle pan from Savisto.

The base of the pan features a universal induction base making it compatible with all types of cookers, and an easily detachable handle means the pan can be used in stoves or under grills. There's no need to worry about space either, as the detachable handle allows you to store the pan away neatly in any cupboard or drawer.

A healthy way of cooking...

Much like traditional grilling, a quality griddle pan is a much healthier alternative than frying your foods in a skillet as the ridged griddles help drain excess fat away from the foods during cooking. The nonstick coating on the pan allows you to cook with less (or no) oil, further increasing the health benefits.

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