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Etsue - case cover for an iPhone 5/5S, iPhone SE - 360° full protection - case cover and a tempered glass screen protector - double side case cover - silicone - 360° protection by framing and back cover - 2 in 1 - exact fit - hard front and rear protectiv

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Product Description
Product description:

Brand: Etsue.

Soft silicone.

Compatible with:
An Apple iPhone 5 & an iPhone 5S & an iPhone SE.
* Thermoplastic polyurethane material: Flexible, ultra slim.
** Transparent design: The back of the cover is transparent so that you can see the beauty of your telephone.

*** Finger ring: 360° rotation and telephone support.
The stand function offers a good viewing angle for watching videos or viewing photos.
Package contents:
1 x silicone case cover.
1 x pink lanyard strap.

1 x blue stylus pen.
1 x anti-dust plug (random colours).
* Lanyard strap.

Lightweight and easy to connect.
Allows you to easily and safely carry your phone.
** (Blue stylus: Pocket stylus, ultra sensitive and smooth stylus pen, works as well as your finger).

***(Anti-dust plug:
This is used to prevent dust from infiltrating the earphone plug and is pretty).

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