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Zeal Silicone Boil Over Guard for Milkpans & Saucepans - Lime

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Product Features
  • Universally fits a variety of pans from 15cm milk pan to 25cm saucepans (6" to 10") to prevent overspills on all size cooking pots.
  • The Zeal boil over lid is a silicone hob and stove top protector designed to prevent hot liquid spillages while boiling food.
  • This cooking lid is safe to leave while preparing other parts of your meal, happy in the knowledge that it will not boil over and make a mess of the cooker top.
  • Designed to prevent boiling milk, vegetables, pasta or rice pots from bubbling over. Premium quality, the perfect spill-stop for your cooker.
  • High quality BPA free silicone, it is heat resistant silicone, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
Product Description
  • Beautiful collection of nature inspired kitchen products. Mix & match to create a beautiful display
  • Stops pan boiling over when hot water boils up onto the ring, it cools and runs back down again
  • Prevents water from boiling over and prevents mess while boiling and cooking
  • Fits onto 6" to 10" (15-25cm) pans. BPA silicone. Dishwasher safe. 31cm diameter
  • This product supports Zeal's Save the bees campaign with a donation made on every sale by Zeal

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