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Tefal L6509042 Ingenio Expertise Non-Stick Induction Expertise Cookware Set, 13 Pieces, Black

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Product Features
  • Detachable handles for a versatile cooking experience
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Tefal's thermo-spot technology on the frying pans, wok and sautepan indicates when your pans reach optimum cooking temperature
  • Metal utensil safe non-stick coating (except knives and whisks). To extend the life of the coating, you should use a small amount of oil when stir-frying or grilling. You do not need oil when boiling or stewing
  • Oven safe up to 260 degrees
Product Description

If you struggle to fit the pans you use every day neatly into a drawer or cupboard, then the revolutionary, space-saving Tefal Ingenio 13-Piece Pan Set is designed especially for you.

Because these six pans nest neatly inside one another, have detachable handles and lids whose handles fold away too, you can - amazingly - fit a full pan set in not much more space than a large frying pan. The amount of space saved is quite incredible.

Having detachable handles also means more room on your hob as you cook, but if you need to transfer a pan from your hob into the oven to brown or keep warm, or into the fridge for storage - using one of the plastic lids provided - that's easy and space-efficient, too, as the handle clicks on securely when required, and off easily when not.

This 13-piece Ingenio pan set includes:

  • 16cm and 20cm Saucepans with glass lids for cooking and plastic lids for storage
  • 22cm and 28cm Frying Pans
  • 24cm Sauté Pan
  • 26cm Wok with glass lid
  • 2 Bakelite handles with stainless steel core to fit any Ingenio pan

Saucepans: 16cm and 20cm Dia. Frying pans: 22cm and 28cm Dia. Sauté pan: 24cm Dia. Wok: 26cm Dia.

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