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Bottega Donnini Oil Cruet Copper Artisanal Product Made in Italy, 4 Different Sizes: from 0,4 Liters to 1 Liter

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Product Details
  • Color:
    Copper, Red Gold
Product Description
Copper oil cruet is perfect for all vintage lovers. It's shaped as classic design of true Tuscan tradition, with spout, handle and cover. Every single part of the product is handmade with copper. It's available in four different sizes. It preserve the pure taste of oil. Light and handy, it's very comfortable for seasoning every dish, enriching with the fresh flavor of the extra virgin olive oil the taste of typical italian simple foods such bread, soup, tomato, minestra, vegetables, meat. It's an amazing gift for all cooking lovers, because copper objects are not only decorative kitchen elements, but also tools for creating and experimenting new recipes.

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