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Stalwart F-22428 Paint Brush Set (Pack of 5)

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Product Features
  • The pack contains brush sizes'1 inch1.5 inch2 inch2.5 inch3 inch
  • Dimensions (in packaging):- 28cm x 21cm x 1cm Weight:- 0.290kg (including any packaging)Material:- Polypropylene Wood and Stainless Steel Packaging:- Hanging header card and plastic
  • Contains 5 various sized paint brushes that can be used for emulsion undercoat and gloss.
Product Description
This paint brush set is fantastic for use at home or as part of a professional trade person's tool box. The brushes can be used for emulsion, undercoat or gloss paintwork and can easily be cleaned and stored. The brushes are constructed from high quality bristles and because of the variety in sizes, these brushes can be used for a whole variety of painting and decorating applications. Each individual pack contains 5 brushes. At this low price they can even be thrown away instead of washing.

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