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All-in-one cookware pan Electric Baking Pan Multi-Function, Kitchen Cookers Appliance, , Korean Style BBQ Poke Hot Pot,Home Electricity Oven No Smoke Electric Grill Barbecue ( Design : Double-Flavor Pot )

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • 【Grilling independent temperature control】Hot pot and baking plate independent heating temperature control, visitors to dinner barbecue or shabu hot pot, roast rinse again, can!
  • 【Rapid heating】High-power heat pipe, two separate heating, faster
  • 【Humanized oil spill large collection box】Large oil collection box, do not have to repeatedly clean up dinner, enjoy delicious, calmly gather time.
  • 【Large radius design】Food is enough, taste is steady, no need to wait while eating while baking, double taste hot pot to meet the needs of your family's different tastes.
  • 【Bumper tray】Non-stick and easy to turn over, not easy to burn, keep the fresh taste of the ingredients, tactile structure, care products are not sticky, healthy and delicious
Product Description

Non-stick tips:

Preheat for 3 minutes with a small amount of oil to prevent food sticking to the baking plate, grilled with barbecue paper, not sticky at the same time flavor doubled, baking pan to avoid direct contact with honey and other sticky foods.

Product Name: Roasted Pork Multifunction Electric Grill

Voltage: 220V

Function: fried, grilled, braised, boiled, stewed, fried

Power: 1600W

Frequency: 50Hz

Number of people: 5-6 Gross

Weight: 5kg

Warning: When using the bakeware function alone, do not cover the glass cover to avoid danger.

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