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Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting and Chopping Board, Compressed Wood Composite Black Slate, 20 x 15 x 0.6 cm

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Product Features
  • Heat Resistant - our wood fibre cutting boards are heat resistant up to 350°F / 176°C
  • Get your hands on one of these and you won't want to put it down
  • Dishwasher Safe - Unlike other wood cutting boards, our boards are dishwasher safe
  • Made in USA - all our cutting boards are exclusively manufactured in United States of America
  • NSF Certified - Certified by the National Sanitary Foundation not to harbour bacteria and easy to clean
  • Epicurean Handy Cutting Boards have handles that make them easy to grasp and essential for innumerable kitchen tasks
  • Knife Friendly - Cutting on our boards will not dull your knife, negating sharpening
Product Description
This Slate coloured Wood Composite reversible Chopping Board features a non-porous surface that will not stain or take on odours and is knife friendly too.This Chopping Board can also be used as a trivet stand for pots and pans for temperatures up to 175°C without leaving marks.This Slate coloured Wood Composite Chopping Board is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and includes a hanging hole for easy storage.

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