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BRATmaxx 3-piece Pan Set, Ceranano Ceramic Nonstick Oven Safe Copper Finish Cookware Set

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Product Details
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    DS Produkte
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Product Features
  • Non-stick - The Ceramic Pearling effect coating eliminates the oil with cooking almost. Fat and frying stains davon one a off - where cannot be burnt
  • Coating, this pan set has a forged ceramic coating inside and outside
  • Stacking - thanks to the pan protectors got the coating will not scratch. You'll find when stacking between the pans and can also be used as pot of use.
  • Oven - pans without handles oven-safe up to 220 °C. The handles can be removed for the middle pan and in the large pan.
  • Design - The set has a retro design with soft touch handles and are available in a elegant wood look.
Product Description

Comes with a 2 pan guards: For stacked pots and pans - Easy to protect your computer from being scratched Dazwischenlegen

The forged Ceramic Pan from "bratmaxx" with a retro design are a stylish accessory for your kitchen. Soft touch handles, an elegant wooden look make the pans a real eye catcher and can then be connected optimum user comfort Soft Hard moderate, feel good. The forged Ceramic Pans of "bratmaxx but not only thanks to its sophisticated look: the ceramic coating with pearling effect makes oil with cooking almost any more. Grease and frying residues of which glides off - where cannot be burnt.

Thanks to the pan protectors has been the coating on the cooking surface will not scratch. You'll find when stacking simply located between the pan and can also be used as a elegant pot use.


  • Material: Stainless Steel Induction bottom, induction base, aluminium pan with ceramic coating, plastic/Pan Protectors: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 1 x Frying Pan: Diameter approx. 28 cm (induction effective diameter: Approx. 19.5 cm), 1 x frying pan - diameter: 24 cm (induction effective diameter: approximately 16.5 cm), 1 x frying pan - diameter: 20 cm (induction effective diameter: Approx. 13.5 cm)
  • Listing is for a pack of 3 pans Pan Protectors 2
  • Instructions: These pans are suitable for food preparation on all popular cooker types (Gas, Electric and Induction Cooker).
  • Max. Oven suitable for: pan with handle up to 150 °C, max. frying pan without handle up to 220 °C, the pans are not recommended for microwave use.

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