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Microwave Egg Cooker-Silicone Hard&Soft Boiled Egg Maker,100% Pure Silicone Egg Poacher,Boil Eggs Without the Egg Shell AS SEEN ON TV,Recipe E-BOOK Included(New Upgraded Egg Cooker)

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Product Details
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    Red and Green
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Product Features
  • <p><b>✅Guarantee</b> - A package includes 6 Silicone Egg Cups(3 Red and 3 Green).If you are not fully satisfied with silicon egg cooker,please tell us.We will offer 100% satisfactory guarantee.<br></p>
  • <p><b>✅New Upgrade</b> - Noted that there is a printing error on the instruction book.We promise the egg cooker can be used in microwave.The New Upgraded Microwave Egg Cooker is hard to fall off.Resistance to high temperature to 230 ℃.Good Stability and Reliably Sealing.Microwave Safe.And its service life than ordinary egg cooker is twice the length.</p>
  • <p><b>✅Feature</b> - The inner wall is changed to a smooth surface, which is good for stripping and really non-stick!The side of the egg maker is designed with a handle and thickened insulation edge for easy accessibility,so the silicone egg cooker can not hurt your hands.Maintaining a suitable water depth is critical.The tips is to put in about an inch and half of water in pan with a lid.Butter/oil the egg cooker liberally,then put egg in.<br></p>
  • <p><b>✅Food Safety </b> - Food-grade silicone,non-stick;The lid of egg poacher is also made of highly transparent food-grade silicone to help observe the state of egg cooking.More environmentally friendly than PP plastic.BPA Free;FDA Approved.Dishwasher Safe.<br></p>
  • <p><b>✅Multi-Purpose -How to make Homemade Icecream ?-Put the homemade icecream mix into the silicone cups.Put silicone cups in the freezer.Wait into freezer around 2-3 hours .Finally pop out icecreams easily.Use in pot:Maintaining a suitable water depth is critical.If put too much water, the egg cooker will flip upside down easily.And the eggs will be wasted.Use in microwave:The tips is stir the egg and keep the microwave power lowest.
Product Description

- Enjoy Your COOK TIME every day with our Silicone Microwave Egg Cookers. 

- Hard and Soft Boiled Microwave Egg Poachers give you more choices and delicacy. 

- Are you tired of peeling cooked eggs?- Tired of only one flavor of boiled eggs? 

- A New Upgrade Multi-Functional Microwave Egg Poarcher is coming. 

Product Feature:

- Time Saver: It is much easier to crack a egg than to peel a hard boiled egg.Easy to clean. 

- Easy to use: Just need a little oil to prevent eggs from sticking,crack the egg,boil,pop out and enjoy. 

- NOTE:It is strongly suggested to spray the Microwave Egg Cooker with oil before cracking the egg to the egg maker,and boiling for 15-20min. 

- Versatility: it can also be used for baby food, cakes, pudding cups, ice cream, and microwave ovens. 

- How to use in microwave:Crack the eggs,Put in the microwave,Keep the microwave the lowest power;Boiling 3-5min for soft boiled eggs,and cooking 7-9min for hard boiled eggs. 

Healthy & Safe & Durable:

- Fully made of food-grade silicone,non-toxic and Resistance to high temperature to 230 ℃. 

- The lid made of high transparent silicone,More environmentally friendly than PP plastic.  

- The microwave egg cooker with anti-slip handle,safe! 

Convenient and Effective:

- The set has 6 egg boiler with lid making you prepare 6 eggs or cupcake at once. 

- The silicone lid without screw, not easy to fall off. 

- Dishwasher Safe,Microwave Safe and Freezer Safe. 

All Applicable:

- A micro egg cooker for boiling egg.It suits in any pot. 

- Perfect for a kitchen gift, family gift, Christmas gift,or moms gift. 

- Use to prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner or baby food and cupcake. 

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