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Silicone Hot Handle Holder (Set of 3), Hot Mitts, for Cast Iron Skillets, Pans, Frying Pans & Griddles, Metal and Aluminum Cookware Handles - Sleeve Grip, Handle Cover(Red)

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Product Features
  • High-quality, heat-resistant silicone creates insulating layer of protection; oven safe up to -40 - 230 Celsius.
  • Warning: These handles will get too hot if left on a heated pot/pan or if they are put in the oven; use handles only for moving pots and pans; do not put on a pan while it is in the oven; do not leave on pot/pan while it is being heated
  • Slides smoothly over metal skillet handle, providing a stylish alternative to traditional mitts and potholders
  • Easy to clean; just drop in the dishwasher, or quickly rinse by hand
  • Please check your cast iron skillet handle(s) to ensure the correct fit for your pan
Product Description
You've paid for the expensive, all metal cookware, now protect your hands! The Kitchen Addiction Silicone Hot Handle allows you to cook with your expensive cookware and cast iron skillet without bulky pot holders.
A silicone hot handle holder is the perfect addition for your new cast iron or all-metal cookware. Just slide the silicone handle over the metal handle of your favorite pot or cast iron skillet to protect your hands when moving skillets! Dishwasher safe and easily cleaned. You'll never go back to your old, fabric potholders again!
Sharp-pointed pot handle cover:14.2*5cm
Rounded pot handle cover:12.7*6cm
Pan handle holder: 14.5*5cm
So please check your cast iron skillet handle(s) to ensure the correct fit for your pan

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