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MyLifeUNIT Stainless Steel Yukihira Pan, Traditional Japanese Yukihira Saucepan, Large 22 cm

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Product Features
  • The wooden handle is designed to stay cool on the stovetop. stainless steel bottom so pans are also IH / electric stove safe, but don't use it in oven or microwaves
  • MyLifeUNIT traditional Japanese 18-0 stainless steel Yukihira saucepan 22 cm large size available for 3 - 4 person use
  • Designed with two-sided pour spouts for pouring from either side
  • Dimples design prevent food from sticking, burning and spilling over when cooking
  • Yukihira pan measures Top 22 cm Dia., Bottom 20 cm Dia., 9 cm Deep and 39.5 cm Length including the handle
Product Description
Yukihira pans evolved from metal cookware that was introduced to Japan in the Meiji era in the late 19th century. Traditionally, yukihira pans are made from sheets of hammered aluminum. The dimples that result from the hammering are the signature feature of a yukihira pan's appearance and also prevent food from sticking and burning also spilling over. As a result of its utilitarian design as well as its simple but pleasing aesthetics, yukihira pans are one of the most widely used cookware vessels found in home and commercial kitchens across Japan. it's commonly seen in Japanese TV shows, movies, dramas or anime ex. Osen, The Chef Of South Polar, Little Forest, Shinya shokudo (Midnight Diner), Shokugeki no Soma, etc. MyLifeUNIT yukihira pan is an evolution of traditional yukihira pans. By using stainless steel instead of aluminum, it increases the durability of the pan and also allows for compatibility with Induction Heat (IH) cooktops.

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