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Extra Large Icing Tip Coupler - Fits the XL Cupcake Stars & Swirls Nozzle Set & Super XL Pro-Nozzles by Lets Cook Cookware

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Product Details
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    Lets Cook Cookware
Product Features
  • This Enables you to Switch between XL Nozzles, & Pro Steel Cupcake Tips
  • This XL Coupler fits the XL Cupcake Stars & Swirls Nozzle Set by Lets Cook Cookware, & other Super XL Pro-Nozzles
  • Exact Size, Top Hole is 30mm, Width of Top Collar Grip 45mm, Height, (Screwed down cap), 50mm
  • Size Guide - There are 3 sizes of Coupler - Standard for Small and Regular tips, then Large, (which fit the 1M, 2D Etc) and this Coupler size which is THE EXTRA LARGE which fits Super XL / Pro Steel / 8xx & 9xx Sizes)
  • Easy Size Check - If the bottom of your XL nozzle is 28mm or more, or you need it as the accessory for the Cupcake Stars & Swirls Nozzle Set Extra Large, plus Strands Tip for Icing, Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft by Lets Cook then this it the right one for you, See full description below
Product Description
Ideal Accessory for the Cupcake Stars & Swirls Nozzle Set Extra Large, (plus Strands Tip), for Icing, Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft, fits the 3 XL Nozzles This XL Coupler does not fit Wilton / Jem 1M, 2D, B6, or the 789 Etc, it fits XL, Pro-Steel Series, 8XX & 9XX Sizes. Apologies for the \'wordy\' Size explanation here, this should help you select the right Coupler.

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