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11PCS Copper Cookware Non-Stick Cookware Set with Induction Ceramic cookware Set Dishwasher and Oven Safe Copper cookware Set-(Copper)

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Product Features
  • OVEN SAFE & DURABLE COPPER COOKWARE SET: Fashioned from a unique blend of titanium and ceramic, this set is more durable than all other ceramic or steel cookware in your kitchen, ensuring that it will last with you. It contains double-layer nonstick interior with large frying pan non stick, large frying pan non stick wear-resistance and warp-resistance. Nonstick coating allows you to cook with minimal oils or fat. Ceramic fry pan This Pan set is more durable than all other ceramic or steel cook
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Guess what's the most annoying part after a lovely delicious meal? Yes, you guessed it right. Fighting the stains & getting your hands rough is disliked by all chefs & home-makers. Keeping them in mind we've designed this easy to clean ceramic copper cookware set.
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT COATING: Safely use hard utensils on your frying pan & cookware set without fear of scratching its surface. The cookware set & steel pans ensure that you can whisk eggs without scratching the surface. The copper set has a steel pan with double layer ceramic coating that ensures safety without scratching the surface.
  • COPPER FRYING PAN & COOKWARE SET WITH HANDLE: The cookware is made up of pressure die casting, which ensures optimum strength and durability. This cookware can easily be used on gas stoves, ceramic cooktops, and induction cooktops. The striking feature of this induction cookware base set is that its base is very thick, which plays a key role in retaining heat. This helps in saving energy and preparing meals faster. We offer the best of camping frying pan that can be used easily with your induct
  • MADE WITH KITCHEN & ENVIORNMENT FRIENDLY MATERIALS: Cook steaks with ease! Our kitchen friendly material blend allows you to safely use the pan set on the stovetop or in the oven, making it more versatile than all other Teflon coated or steel pans set. It can be compatible with most of induction cooking. Be the inner you & eliminate extra spaces of multiple frying pans that crowd your kitchen. Get the best of ceramic frying pan set at the best cost. Free from PTFE, PFOA & PFOS the nonstick fryin
Product Description
Simple & Co 11 pcs set Copper Cookware including Non-Stick Frying Pan with Ceramic Coating compatible with dishwasher
-Non-stick coating
-No oil or butter needed
-1*4.7 qt. sauce pot
-1*3.2 qt. sauce pan
-1*2.5 qt. sauce pan
-1*1.4 qt. sauce pan
-1*9.5-inch stainless steel steamer
-1*9.5-inch fry pan
-1*8-inch fry pan
-1.95-inch Glass lid with steam vent
-1*8.7-inch Glass lid with steam vent
-1*8-inch Glass lid with steam vent
-1*6.3-inch Glass lid with steam vent
-Dishwasher and microwave Safe

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