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TOPQSC Camping Pots and Pans Set Camping Pot Aluminum Non Stick Portable 1-2 Person Outdoor Tableware Camping Hiking Mountaineering Backpacking Picnic Cookware Set (B)

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • 5. Set's components: 1* Cooking pot (with lid)+ 1* frying pan(with lid)+ 1* wooden shovel+ 1* soup spoon+ 2* bowl+ 2* stainless steel fork+ 1* clean sponge+ 1* nylon net bag.
  • 3. Quality: The camping pot set gets FDA certification, it is non-toxic, anti-oxidation, not sticky, strong and durable, transferring heat rapidly.
  • 1. Uses: It is suitable for 1-2 people to use in camping, hiking, backpacks, picnic and other outdoor activities.
  • 2. Easy to carry: The set can be folded into a small bag, then being stored in the net bag, so it takes up small space, easy to store and carry.
  • 4. Safety: It is recommended to use butagas to burn the pot, best not fire and other materials. In addition, the diameter of flame should be less than the diameter of pot to prevent the flame from the side ignited.
Product Description

Product Specifications:

Color: green+ gray

Material: Aluminum

Total weight: 625g


Cooking pot: diameter 14.5cm, high 8cm

Frying pan: diameter 15.5cm, high 3.5cm, handle 10cm

Wooden shovel: 13* 5cm

Soup spoon: length 16cm, width 7.8cm, deep 2cm

Bowl: diameter 11cm, high 4cm

Stainless steel fork: total length 15cm, width 4cm; folded length 9.2cm

Package includes:

1* Cooking pot (with lid)

1* Frying pan(with lid)

1* Wooden shovel

1* Soup spoon

2* Bowl

2* Stainless steel fork

1* Clean sponge

1* Nylon net bag

1* Colorful box

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