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MyLifeUNIT Kitchen Replacement Cookware Pot Lid Knob Handle, Handgrip, Pot Lid Cover Handle Grip, Set of 2

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Made from high quality plastic and iron, durable, rust resistant and non-stick. High temperature resistant, suitable for kitchen use.
  • Diameter of the iron ring: 2.3" / 60mm, diameter of the plastic head:1.9" / 50mm.
  • Humanized round design, beautiful appearance, easy to assemble and clean, not easy to deform.
  • Fits most types of lid, can be replaced, energy saving. Solid screw makes sure that lid handle can stick to the lid tightly.
  • Thickened, high temperature resistant. This long lid knob handle can provide more protection for your hand, avoid being burnt.
Product Description
MyLifeUNIT Kitchen Replacement Cookware Pot Lid Cover Handle is an idea product for kitchen use with high quality and high temperature resistant features.

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