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6 x 'Viking Ship' Clear Cupcake Picks / Cake Toppers (CT00011353)

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Remove protective film and wash thoroughly before use.
  • Engraved with a wonderful design from one of our talented designers.
  • Beautiful cake toppers to brighten up every party!
  • Completely food safe - but please don't try to eat them.
Product Description


Original design by Andrew Craven.

This pack of six clear acrylic cupcake picks is great for adding something unique to your cake displays. Every cake looks better with a cake topper featuring a design from one of our amazing designers!


Design height : 38mm
Stem height : 49mm
Total height : 87mm

The clear acrylic is, of course, food safe and the designs are engraved onto the toppers - not printed - so nothing can scrape off and land on your lovely cake. The stem forms part of the topper as a solid, single piece so it won't come apart in the cake either. These aren't just beautiful, they're extremely safe as well. We don't recommend they're left with unsupervised children though as they do have a pointy end (that goes in the cake).

Please be sure to remove protective film and wash thoroughly before use.

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