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Chefarone Pan and Pot Protectors to Avoid Scratching - Set of 5 - Perfect for Non Stick Pans, Saucepans, Stoneware Skillets - Anti Scratch 38 cm (Black)

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Product Features
  • The Premier Way to protect your Cookware: Set includes 5 durable pan protectors - each measures 38cm. Long lasting and washable (hand wash with warm soapy water and lay flat to dry or wipe with wet cloth as needed)
  • Easy to use: Place pan protectors in between pots and pans to avoid scratching and extend the life of your cookware. Our protectors can also be used in between glassware and ceramic to avoid locking or chipping
  • Premium Material: Made from Premium Polyester Felt with non-slip texture for stability when stacking or nesting.
  • Versatility: Perfect for nesting pans and cookware in small spaces and cabinets - in your RV - big or small drawers. Our pan protectors can be easily trimmed to perfectly fit your pans.
  • Multi-Purpose: Use on cookware - stoneware - skillets - pots - pans - bakeware - glass - ceramic - etc
Product Description
Make your non-stick and glass cookware last for years. Buy our Pan Protectors 5-Pack Now!

Protect your investment and keep your expensive kitchenware looking brand new!

No more scratched or marred cookware!

Chefarone is a brand founded on our teams love of the way seemingly insignificant home and kitchen-wares can improve the everyday experience of our homes. We're a Germany-based company hoping to improve the way you enjoy your home and kitchen.

About our set of 5 Pot, Pan and Bowl Protectors:

Our eco-friendly protectors will help you avoid scratches and other damage caused by stacking, storing, or travelling with cookware or crockery. Our set includes 5 felt protectors measuring 38cm across - easily cut to size.

Simply placed between pots, pans, dishes or glass bowls, they provide a thin layer of gentle cushioning to protect your cookware against unwanted markings and cracks. They also keep items from locking together when stored for long periods.

Perfect for day-to-day storage or transport of your cookware

Make your non-stick and glass cookware last for years. Buy our Pan Protectors 5-Pack Now!

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