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Pan Pot Lid Organizer with 3 Shelfs Kitchenware Cookware Holder Rack Shelf Kitchen Cabinet Worktop Countertop Storage Solutions,Stainless Steel

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Product Details
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    Stainless Steel
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Product Features
  • STURDINESS & DURABILITY : U-shape frame biomechanical design, reinforced metal structure, built of heavy duty stainless steel, diameter of stainless steel wires up to 5mm, thicker than most of traditional pot racks.
  • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Improving upon the chromed steel racks, Lifewit Cookware Rack is made of FDA approved material food-grade 304 stainless steel that's anti-rust, stain resistant & corrosion resistant to ensure easy cleaning, optimal esthetics, and lasting durability.
  • STORAGE SOLUTION : Stores up to 3 pans,lid,pot or cutting boards. Great organization solution for shelfless cabinets, disorderly counter top & areas under the sink ( please make sure the space is taller than 9.5 inches ) Easy to access each pan, there is no need to take up stacking cookwares, no more hassle, noise or scratches.
  • You Can Use Horizontal or Vertical Placement, Holds Pans, Lids and Accessories
  • REMOVABLE PLATFORM: Removable plate holds drained water for easy drying of kitchenware, while Cross-bar design prevents items from dropping onto the wet plate.
Product Description
Pan Pot Lid Organizer with 3 Shelf's Kitchenware Cookware Holder Rack Shelf Kitchen Cabinet Worktop Counter-top Storage Solutions,Stainless Steel ORGANIZES YOUR WORKSPACE

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