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Debo Master Class Cookware Non Coated Non Stick 304 Stainless Steel Stock Pot With Tempered Glass Lid And Handle For Gas/Induction And Other Heating Furnaces,5L 24CM

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Product Features
  • The professional soup pot is suitable for electric, ceramic, halogen, gas and induction hobs.
  • Use high quality medical 304 stainless steel,which is durable,not easily rusted,strong acid and alkali resistance.The Pot body surface is brushed and polished,so it is not easy to scratch,Leak-less curved edge design makes soup not leak to the pot wall.
  • Use "Steel-Aluminum-Steel"three composite bottom layers.Makes the pot heat evenly and quickly. Non stick and non coated.This is very effective in reducing the cooking time.More energy saving and environmental protecting.
  • The sunken lid design makes it tightly sealed and well lock the heat and water vapor, maintains the original flavor, and does not lose nutrients.
  • Full-steel handle,which is very fitting hands and anti-hot,with comfortable grip. The lid and the pot body are superimposed and smooth, with good sealing and exquisite appearance.
Product Description
Before use

1. Open the product package, confirm the product and accessories if they are complete or damaged.
2. Please remove the sticker before use.
3.Use slightly warm white vinegar to clean the pot before you first time using.Then washed it with hot water,finally you can cook after you wiped the inner and outer walls.


1.Clean the pot first before using it.Clean the water stains and grease stains on the pot walls so that the pans will not turn yellow and black.
2. Use the lid can save food nutrition and taste, food  faster and more fuel-efficient.
3.Avoid long-time heating, boiling, boiling,that is easy to cause fire and pot body deformation.
4. Although the pots with high quality stainless steel, resistant to strong acid and alkali, please also try to avoid placing acid and alkali foods for a long time.
5.Cooking food capacity should be controlled in the pot body volume 70-80%.

The reasons why the lid cannot be opened during steaming and boiling are as follows:

1.Please open the lid before turning off the heat.
2. If the lid couldn't open immediately, that is because the pressure in the pan will decrease due to temperature cools.The weakening caused the lid couldn't open temporarily. In this case, do not pull the lid strongly. Just open the fire and heat it slightly,then you can open the lid easily. This case only happens on an extremely good sealing pot.
3.Long-time cooking with sticky or swelling food, so that the pot body and lid are stuck.
Package include
1×Stock Pot with lid

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