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KitchenCraft World of Flavours Pasta Pot with Strainer, 4 Litres (7 Pints) - Red

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Product Features
  • Use this family-size pot for rice, sauces, stews and soups, too; it's more than just a superior pasta cooker
  • Excellent heat conduction warms your food through evenly. It has a non-stick interior for ease of cleaning
  • This pasta cooker measures 25.5 cm (10") wide, and is suitable for gas, electric and ceramic hobs. It comes with a 12 month guarantee
  • No more burnt fingers or pasta spilling into the sink. The hot water flows out in a controlled stream, while pasta stays put in the pan
  • Love pasta? Let this miracle pan take the pain out of draining, with its handy locking strainer lid
Product Description
Forget about those grim days spent straining pasta through a colander or saucepan lid, and fishing 'escapees' out of the sink. And the countless 'burnt finger' incidents, when water goes everywhere you don't want it to - including over your hands. This saucepan's locking strainer lid has been specially designed to stay in place while the pot is upturned, allowing you to manoeuvre the pan with two hands. Now, you can direct the pasta water straight into the sink - and consider spilt vermicelli or farfalle a thing of the past. And don't just use it for pasta. This non stick, family size cooking pot is perfect for heating and straining potatoes and vegetables - ideal for a Sunday roast, or midweek meals. The draining lid is perfect if you love to make your own stock. Use it for warming rice too - and it's great for cooking up sauces, stews and soups

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