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JML Country Cookware Cast Iron Pots & Pans with Deluxe Enamel Coating

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Deluxe enamel coating
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Specially moulded, durable cast iron
  • Cast iron construction
Product Description

Country Cookware is the choice for serious cooks. The smooth enamel finish and cast iron construction is designed to last. There are so many new ways to cook these days but, if you want the best, you need to stick with tried and tested cookware that will last a lifetime. Country Cookware is constructed using materials that have been trusted in country kitchens across the world, for centuries.

The combination of high-grade, no-compromise, cast iron and a super-smooth, deluxe enamel coating helps to ensure that Country Cookware retains heat and cooks food evenly and thoroughly while looking beautiful in any kitchen. High-grade cast iron is ultra durable and specially moulded at 1300°C making it stronger than steel and able to serve your entire family for generations to come. The stunning enamel surface gives it a non-stick property that unfinished, traditional cast iron crockery doesn’t have, making it incredibly easy to clean.

The casserole and roasting dishes can be used in an oven or directly on the hob, for deglazing and making gravies and sauces, and the griddle pan will withstand and distribute the perfect, scorching heat needed for searing the finest steaks and caramelizing those classic ‘bar marks’ onto fresh seafood and vegetables. So, if you want to trust the future of your cooking to just one set of cookware, Country Cookware is all you’ll ever need.


  • 24 cm Casserole dish and lid
  • 16 cm Saucepan with wooden handle and lid
  • 25 cm Roasting dish
  • 25.4 cm Griddle pan

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