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Planit Products Cookamesh (BLM3340)

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Product Details
Product Features
  • Cook Amesh 33x40 cm
  • This reusable, heat-resistant and non-stick coated oven net for for perfectly crispy Essen.
  • Zumsäubern just wipe clean, with soapy water or direct in the dishwasher. Heat resistant to 260 °C (500 °F/gas mark 10
  • Simply placed on the oven rack, simply attach the Cookamesh heat even and better pizza, garlic bread and other baked goods and
Product Description
The CookaMesh Cooking Mesh is brilliant for obtaining the best results for baking, grilling and cooking. The non-stick mesh can be easily wiped clean, hand washed or put into the dishwasher.. . Key Features:. . Air Circulation: gives perfectly crisp results to your food.. Directly: places on the over shelf.. Withstand: up to 260C/500F/Gas Mark 10.. Easy Clean: non-stick surface for wiping, washing or dishwasher use.. Freezer Proof: will not deteriorate or become brittle when placed in a freezer..

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