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Universal Replacement Replacement Lid Glass Pot Lid Handle Knob Black/ – Fits Many Brands Glass Lid, Plastic, 1

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • Cookware Pot Cover Knob In An Attractive, timeless, hard wearing case made from plastic with a stronger grippy surface - Extra robust and dishwasher safe.
  • Ideal for glass saucepan lid, enamel or metal with a hole, so you can easily your pot lid knob.
  • With Beliegender screw Pro Grip It is very good for easy DIY.
  • 3-piece universal replacement handle lid handle pot lid knob knob black/Max. 260 °C, suitable for many brands glass lid
  • Box contents: you will receive 3 handle in the colour: matt black art - that has a base diameter of about 6 cm, with matching strong ELL screw.
Product Description
Kitchen Set from the Kerafactum Series - Replacement for your cookware pot lid knob or pan lid
The plastic line from the house of Kerafactum 10, is characterised by its quality, as well as the simplicity to use and assemble.
The replacement handles for pots or pans can be used universally and are designed ensure full Lust auf's Kochen.
Then you can mount the new knob on the place of your old handle, you'll be amazed at what colour back into your kitchen einzieht.
As a direct replacement part for lid has this replacement handle available in each small drawer space to be in the event of a fall easy to install.
You will receive in the pack the entire handle with the matching holding screw.
Let yourself be enchanted by our benefits überzeugen.
The knob lid knob is made from a mix of materials: Plastic; Stainless Steel
The pot lid knob has a diameter of approx. 6 cm
The single lid handle has approximately a weight of approx. 33 g
It is used as a replacement handle knob for different pot or pan lids
Can be used as a replacement handle for almost all lid with removable pot handle made of glass, or metal enamel
Because the Mason Cash to us fun problem, this is our Maxime.
Variety and versatile What We're food on a daily basis.
The brand Kerafactum gives you the matching Cutlery and serving utensils in one attractive and timeless design.
The elegant and durable high quality product that this elegant plastic design makes it which keeps its shape,
Durable and easy to a precious kitchen utensil.
But products sold tausendfach are testament to to our high standards of design and functionality.
The quality and safety are the number one priority and this can also be found on internationally in our company.

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