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Ik-Onkar pack of 3 Splatter screen Guard Set on Frying Pan Anti Splash Screen Cover Mesh Metal Wired 2x 28 diameter 1x 24 diameter

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Product Details
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Product Features
  • set of 3 Premium Quality And Durable Splatter Guard Set Frying Pan Stop Hot Fat And Oil Splattering On Your Cooker Top And Skin.
  • The 28 centimeter fine mesh screen in this splatter guard is the covers most pots, pans, and skillets. Steam your veggies by sitting them on top of the scgredients by using it as a fine mesh strainer! Or, turn your splash guard into a reen and quickly rinse incooling rack to cool your cupcakes and cookies.
  • 1x28 and 1x24cm with handle and 1x28cm with top nub handle ( notice ) if you are not happy with product please let us know.we do some thing for you .thanks
  • Very Easy To Use, Lightweight And Portable.
  • size-- 2x28cm -- 1x25cm same as pitcure
Product Description
Watch out! That boiling bacon grease is splattering all over the place; it burns your skin and makes a mess of everything. Use the LiveFresh fine mesh splatter screen to protect yourself and avoid that greasy mess!

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