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WMF cookware Ø 24 cm approx. 6,5l Diadem Plus pouring rim glass lid Cromargan stainless steel brushed suitable for all stove tops including induction dishwasher-safe

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  • As a German brand WMF is known for its versatile stylish range of products and reliability in quality and finish. For over 150 years WMF has been making cooking, dining and drinking a real experience whilst maintaining professional standards and progressing manufacturing technologies.
  • WMF cookware are suitable for all stove tops - including induction. TransTherm Allherdboden: Patented base construction with steady heat distribution and long heat storage for energy-saving cooking.
  • Content: High casserole Ø 24 cm (approx. 6,5l) - ideal for stove top with Ø 22 cm, height: 13,9 cm | Item Number 0734256040
  • Material: Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 - dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, ovenproof, tasteless and acid resistant. - Designed in Germany. Elegant shape.
  • - pour off or decant liquids without spilling to keep your dishes and cooker clean.
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