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Lodge 4.73 litre/5 quart Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven (with Loop Handles)

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Product Features
  • Lifetime guarantee (full details below)
  • Skillet is perfect size for frying meat and sautéing vegetables
  • Suitable for use on induction, ceramic, electric and gas cooktops, as well as in the oven, on the stove, in the grill and on barbecues/campfires
  • Brutally tough - can last for over 100 years if care and use instructions (included with item) are followed
  • Clean via hand washing (Lodge cast iron is sterile at 212 degrees Fahrenheit/100 degrees Celsius, so detergents are optional)
  • 4.73 litre/5 quart Dutch oven with a lid that also converts into a 26.04 cm/10.25 inch skillet
  • Pre-seasoned at Lodge's foundry for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use
  • Dutch oven is ideal for roasts, stews, casseroles and other dishes that require long, slow cooking
  • Compatible with metal, wood and silicone utensils
  • Extremely versatile - can be used to sear, fry, sauté, grill, roast, bake, braise and broil (both indoors or out)
  • Integrated side handles on both the base and the lid enable easy lifting
Product Description

This double Dutch Oven from Lodge will not only create a hearty meal for up to six people but the lid also doubles as a 26cm frying pan, which is handy if you've got limited space in your kitchen or even on your travels.

Lodge's famous cast iron Dutch ovens, or casserole dishes, are the original slow cookers. They are also perfect for almost anything you could cook in a conventional oven, with their trademark flat bottoms and tight-fitting lids to seal in heat, flavour and moisture during the cooking process. Moulded loop handles also guarantee a really solid grip for your oven gloves as you lift them off your hob or camp fire.

Heat resistant to 260°C.

Caring for Cast Iron Cookware

With just a few simple steps, your cast iron cookware will last you a lifetime. When you've finished cooking, rinse the pan out with hot water, and, if you need to, use a mild abrasive to remove burnt on food. Dry the pan thoroughly to prevent rust and then lightly coat with cooking oil to build up the seasoning. For convenience, Lodge's Cast Iron cookware comes pre-seasoned, and it will only get better after every use.

26cm Dia.

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