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KitchenCraft Induction-Safe Cast Iron Griddle Plate with Handles, 45 x 23 cm (17.5" x 9")

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Product Features
  • Made of heavyweight cast iron, so it gets hot and stays hot! Ideal for cooking sizzling food with that grill house-style seared look
  • Versatile and reversible. The ridged side sears food and drains unhealthy fats. The flat side fries up crispy bacon, eggs or pancakes
  • Use it on the stovetop (it works with induction), or under the grill. Use it in the oven, too, to bake crisp bread loaves and pizzas
  • The grill plate may be cast iron, but its handles make it easy to carry and store. Best of all, it comes with a 15 year guarantee
  • Enjoy barbeque-style food whatever the weather thanks to this super-robust reversible griddle from KitchenCraft
Product Description
This griddle is part of the Clearview range from Kitchen Craft, Clearview has been developed for people with a healthier lifestyle. - Versatile double sided griddle plate for use over hob - Smooth flat side with recess for traditional cooking - Ribbed side to drain fat away whilst cooking to promote healthier cooking - Fries dry - no need to cook the food in oil - Gives meat the restaurant seared look - Suitable for use with all hobs (not microwaves) - Cast iron's unique characteristics make it the choice of chefs worldwide. - Builds its own non-stick surface - Size: 47 x 27CM Warranty: 12 Months

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