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Axentia Copper Saucepan with Lid - Cooking Pot 20cm - Induction Hob Pots and Pans - Copper Cookware for all Cook Tops - Kitchen Pot Stainless Steel - Copper Kitchen Accessories

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Product Features
  • Exceptionally well built, this copper saucepan has a base thickness of approximately 2,5 mm and a material thickness of approximately 2,3 mm - this roasting pot is favourably robust
  • It can be used for any type of cook top: functioning as a cooking pot for induction hobs, cookware for gas hobs or a cooking pot for electric hobs
  • With copper on its outer side, a premium aluminium core and a coating of stainless steel on the inside, this kitchen saucepan is extremely durable and performs with optimal heat conduction while still being captivating in its appearance
  • This gorgeous cooking pot with handles is an ultimate trendsetter that is sure to turn heads in your kitchen
  • To enhance your cooking experience, pair this pot with other pieces of the "Ikarus" collection and create a luxurious and practical kitchenware collection

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