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Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Round Egg Rings, 8.5 cm (Set of 2)

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    Kitchen Craft
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Product Features
  • Your new go-to kitchen tool. These robust rings help you make perfect mini pancakes, potato rosti and crumpets, as well as eggs
  • Great value. You get 2 food-safe metal moulds in the set, so it's fab for 2-person breakfasts, or for cooking 2 kinds of food in 1 pan
  • Each ring measures 8.5 cm (3½") wide - a great size for fried eggs and muffins. They're dishwasher safe, and have a 12 month guarantee
  • Built-in fold up / fold down handle for safe and easy removal from pans. This handy feature helps save space in your cupboard too
  • Fry perfectly round eggs quickly and easily (and avoid those hard-to-clean burnt bits) with these handy stainless steel egg rings
Product Description
Make the perfect fried egg with the Kitchen Craft set of two stainless steel rings. Complete with fold up / fold down handle for easy removal and storage, reducing clutter on your work surfaces and in your kitchen cupboards.Dimensions: 8.5cm (3½")

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