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Horizon Kitchen Replacement Cookware Pot Lid Cover Knob Handle

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    Black, Silver
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Product Features
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 4mm/0.16'' | 16mm end-to-end screw | Overall Size: 5.9 x 5cm/2.3'' x 2''
  • Economical and Quality replacement Knob. Fits most lids - with this outstanding quality knob handle, there is no need to replace your favorite and functional Lid
  • Watertight Fit - This Horizon Cookware Replacement Pot Knob includes a silicone washer that makes for an excellent watertight fit with no worries of over-tightening or stripping threads
  • This Bakelite Knob and Stainless Steel Top is Non-stick, Durable, Easy-to-Clean and consistently receives high ratings for its durability and quality grade
  • Material: Metal, Plastic; Color: Black, Silver Tone
Product Description

Installed on the 4mm mounting hole cookware pot lid cover, the Horizon Replacement Pot Lid Handle makes a great quality and economical choice to replace your old knob.

Don't let your rusty, leaky, broken or shaky knob make you think about a new lid or put your cooking experience at risk. With this simple durable replacement knob and quality pot handle holder, your lid will continue on serving your cooking needs better than new.

The Bakelite triangle handle can prevent your hand from getting injured and is suitable for many kinds of cookware pot lid covers. This Horizon Cookware Pot Knob is used on glass, stainless steel lids, Rival Crockpot slow cooker lids and many more.

As a dishwasher safe stainless steel knob, it's non-stick, durable and easy to clean.

Ships in frustration-free packaging and is simple and easy to install.

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