Cookware Cookware Handle Cover

Wommty 2 Pieces Heat-Resistant Non-slip Fabric Pot/Pan Handle Holders/Mitts for Cast Iron or Metal Cookware

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Product Details
  • Color:
  • Manufacturer:
    Wommty EU
Product Features
  • Holder slides directly onto the handle of skillets/frying pans, griddles, grill pans etc
  • Heat-resistant/ protect your hands from hot and cold temperatures; 500 F/260 C to -134 F/-92C
  • Premium-quality stitching will tolerate regular usage over a prolonged period
  • Can be purchased in a wide range of attractive designs
  • Designed to protect the hands/enable safe usage of Lodge cast iron cookware
Product Description
Set of 2 Kitchen Grips handle covers with 6 inches long.
They provide amazing protection against hot surfaces and easily help move hot pans.
There is no draping material hanging close to the heat, and no need to try and fit an inflexible glove to your hand.
Simply slip these over the handles for fast easy solution to handling those hot handles.
Non-slip grip, non-skid, raised nub surface creates more insulation between the hand and heat source.

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