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Silicone Healthy Cooking Baking Mat Non-stick, Red 1 Piece - Silicone Baking Mat - (Large 15.74" *11.33") - Non Stick Silicon Liner for Bake Pans & Rolling - Macaron/Pastry/Cookie/Bun/Bread Making - Professional Grade Nonstick (2pcs Set)

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  • Save money, time and health. It is perfect for cooking all your favorite fresh or frozen foods such as pizza, chicken, onion rings, potatoes and much much more. It's also great for making reheated food crispy and juicy, the way it was originally enjoyed.
  • Silicone Baking Mat:100% Food Grade pure Silicone (no plastic fillers), BPA free, non-toxic . It can be used in ovens and microwaves heated up to 446°F (230 degree). For ultimate usability it can also be trimmed to any size of the baking pan.
  • Silicone Healthy Cooking Baking Mat is the best way for non stick low fat cooking. and to cook and clean easily with no aggressive scrubbing and soaking.It can be rolled up or folded away for easy space saving storage.
  • Temperature tolerance:-40 degree to 230 degree offers even heat distribution for convenient healthy cooking, while draining grease, oil, and fat away.Fits Easily Inside Oven Sheets or Can Be Cut to a Specific Size; Dimensions: 11.5" by 16".
  • Versatile and Multiple uses: It works great as a trivet, pot holder, bench saver, drying rack or gripper to open jars. A perfect kitchen accessory for a serious cook.
Product Description

The description :
The amazing Pyramid shape Silicone Cooking Mat features over 500 silicone pyramids that let your food rest above and never come in contact with the bottom of the pan. While the food is cooking the fat drips off the food and onto the pyramid allowing air circulate under and around your food for even heat distribution. You can forget about food sticking to the pan and burning. Crisp, juicy, evenly cooked and healthy results with no turning required.
It's like grilling in your oven! Fat and grease drip away, leaving delicious, flavorful food for your family. This innovative raised pyramid design is not only for smart and healthy cooking, it can also be used as a trivet, drying rack, and upside down for evenly cooked bread, cookies, and pastries. And once you have cooked with this mat, you will want everything in your kitchen to be as durable and easy to clean. offers safe long lasting use in oven, microwave, dishwasher, and reezer. a simply must have for any kitchen.
A great silicon mats for baking.You no longer need to mess around with grease or parchment paper.

Notice: Do not put it directly on fire.
Cleans Up Easy with just a little Soap and Water, Saves Space by Rolling it up for Storage, Truly Smart Cooking.

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